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Skill360 Australia provides group training, apprenticeships and traineeship services across Queensland and throughout Australia.

Vacancies - Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships offer you a pathway from school to work, or from one career to another.  Another advantage is that they lead to nationally recognised qualifications and skills which provide the basis for employment, further education and training over the course of your working life.  

There are two paths to get started on an apprenticeship or traineeship. The first is to talk to an employer that you know (then refer them to Skill360 Australia to get started) and the second is to apply for one of the vacancies below.  When submitting your application online be sure to include as much information as you can in order to increase your chances of success.

Reference: Status: Trade - Apprenticeship / Traineeship: Location: Information PDF: Apply:
AD04367 Full Time Retail - Apprenticeship Yungaburra Download Apply
AD04303 Full Time Business Administration - Traineeship Townsville Download Apply
AD04394 Full Time Boilermaking - Apprenticeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04388 Full Time Business Administration - Traineeship North Cairns Download Apply
AD04381 Full Time Painting & Decorating - Apprenticeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04375 Full Time Fitting & Turning - 2 positions - Apprenticeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04378 Full Time Outdoor Power Equipment/Small Engines - Specified Position - Apprenticeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04377 Full Time Carpentry - Apprenticeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04323 Full Time Retail - Traineeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04369 School-Based Business - Banks (Indigenous Identified) - Traineeship Ayr Download Apply
AD04339 Full Time Automotive (Vehicle Painting) - Apprenticeship Townsville Download Apply
AD04342 Full Time Warehousing Operations - Traineeship Townsville Download Apply
AD04324 Full Time Warehousing - Traineeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04362 Full Time Engineering - Diesel Fitting - Apprenticeship Portsmith, Cairns Download Apply
AD04345 Full Time Commercial Cookery - Apprenticeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04343 School-Based School Based Retail - Traineeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04335 Full Time Business Administration - Traineeship Innisfail Download Apply
AD04338 Full Time 2nd or 3rd year Chef - Apprenticeship Townsville Download Apply
AD04333 Full Time Engineering - Diesel Fitting - Apprenticeship Innisfail Download Apply
AD04332 Full Time Engineering - Fitting & Turning - Apprenticeship Innisfail Download Apply
AD04317 Full Time Information Technology - Traineeship Cairns Download Apply
AD04152 School-Based Business Administration (Indigenous Identified) Banking - Traineeship Thuringowa and Thursday Island Download Apply
AD04160 Full Time Business Administration (Indigenous Identified) Banking - Traineeship Townsville Download Apply

Following receipt of your application a dedicated recruitment staff member will be in contact to discuss your application and obtain further information from you if required.  Please note that unless otherwise advised the positions noted above are only accepting applications from Australian citizens or individuals with an approved residency and work permit.

Be sure to prepare yourself if you are asked for an interview and bring along copies of all supporting documentation, samples of your work and references (or details of referees). 

If you would like to discuss any of the vacancies listed above please send an email to or telephone 1300 933 358 (internationally on +61 7 4046 4000).