Introducing Paul Daly, New CEO for Skill360

The BUSY Group is excited to formally introduce Paul Daly as the new CEO for Skill360, an Employment and Training Organisation in Cairns and Far North Queensland.

Paul Miles, Managing Director for the BUSY Group Ltd, said “Paul Daly brings with him over 20 years’ experience in senior management roles for not-for-profit, government and commercial industries. With his vast network of connections across a broad spectrum of state and national institutions, across multiple industries and training, as well as extensive experience in policy development, Paul will be a huge asset to Skill360 and indeed, the BUSY Group, leading the way forward in an exciting new era for the organisation”.

Paul Daly has great expectations for the Organisation.

“First and foremost, Skill360 exists to provide local school leavers and young adults with the opportunity to embark on meaningful careers through apprenticeships, traineeships, and education, In doing so we work closely with industry across the region who create real jobs and real-world experience for them. I’m looking forward to working with the community to ensure that those opportunities are there for anyone who wants to take on a career in the trades”, Paul stated.

“The future focus for Skill360 includes continuing to work with local industry to provide people with careers across a variety of industries, and local businesses with quality apprentices and trainees. Through the support of the BUSY Group, Skill360 will work closely with government and industry to drive innovation in training and education, along with delivering a more holistic employment service. And we will continue to offer services and facilities that support our local community groups”, Paul further stated.

For more information regarding Skill360 and how they can help with your apprenticeship and traineeship needs, go to

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