Chloe is back on a better path, thanks to Transition to Work

Not that long ago, Chloe was feeling directionless and to her family and those who cared about her, it really looked like she was on a dangerous path, getting into trouble and hanging with the wrong crowd.

It wasn’t until Chloe received the news about her mother’s cancer diagnosis when her outlook changed. She realised her mother and family really needed her, there were extra chores around the house and she wanted to straighten up her act.

With the help of Transition to Success (a Queensland program for young people who are at risk of or who have entered the youth justice system), Chloe reassessed her path and has now completed a Certificate II in Outdoor Power Equipment, a small step towards her ambition of finding work and one day entering the Australian Air Force.

Chloe is now continuing to receive support through the Transition to Work program, an Australian Government funded initiative (delivered by Skill360 and BUSY At Work in Queensland regions) to assist at risk youth into employment or further training.

With the support of her Transition to Work Field Officer, Felicia Daisy, Chloe will be enrolling in further training, is looking for part-time work and this week she will be sitting her driving test in the hope of gaining her P-plates. Gaining her driving license will afford her with independence to get to work, as well as being able to further support her family during her mother’s intensive treatments.

According to Felicia, “Chloe has really straightened herself out and is now on the right path. She attends every appointment, is very respectful and I am really looking forward to following her path to success”.

Chloe is also thankful to Felicia and the Transition to Work program and the support she receives saying “Felicia really listens and keeps me positive”.

Managing Director for BUSY At Work, Paul Miles, said “BUSY’s purpose is to help people who need it the most, to turn their lives around for the better through training and employment. Chloe’s experience with the Transition to Work Program is a great example of how we achieve this and we really look forward to watching Chloe’s progress”.

With small steps, Chloe is changing her life for the better, now heading in a positive direction towards fulfilling her ambition to enter the Air Force – and really making her parents proud.

More information about how Transition to Work program supports at risk young people can be found here or by contacting

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