No-Cost Internship – Construction

Help a young person to kick start their career!

3 month internship with no cost to your business

This 14 week pre-apprenticeship course allows a young person to start their construction trade career. Wages are covered by Skill360 for the duration.

Help a Young Person Get a Start in their Career

For 14 weeks, your intern will start their Certificate 1 in Construction , while undertaking a combination of classroom training and 4-day a week practical on-site learning in your business.

For the duration of the course, the intern will be paid an apprentice wage which is covered by Skill360 and funded by the Queensland Government Pre-Apprenticeship Support initiative.

On course completion you may decide to employ your intern so that they can continue their apprenticeship, or we connect them to another employer so they can continue their apprenticeship.

Skill360 are looking for construction trade businesses in any field to place an intern in their business. The course commences 31 January, 2022.

Interested? Contact Skill360 today on 1300 933 358 or email

The Pre-apprenticeship Support initiative is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

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