Youth Jobs – PaTH Industry Pilot

Connect to Local Employers

If you’re a young person, getting that first head start into work or a new career path can be hard. With no experience behind you it can feel like no-one wants to give you a chance.

That’s where the PaTH Industry Pilot Program can help!  

Youth Jobs – PaTH Industry Pilot

How it works

Through the PaTH Industry Pilot program, Skill360 connect young people to local businesses for internship opportunities.

To qualify you need to be aged 17-24 and have been on income support for six months or longer.

The internship lasts between four weeks and twelve weeks depending on the employer and during this time you will earn an extra $200 in your income support payments.

The internship can be in any industry or business and can often turn into a permanent hire with your host employer! 

skill360 staff

Youth Jobs – PaTH Industry Pilot

Are you
in an internship?

If you’re ready to gain valuable experience that can open doors to employment, contact us today to discuss your eligibility.

The PaTH program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

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