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Skill360 Apprenticeship Services can

– help you find all the information you needsafetynet

– show you how to choose the right qualification to suit your business

– complete the induction and training contract of your apprentice or trainee

– show you how to fill in and lodge your paperwork

– assess and process claims for your financial incentives

We will also keep in touch with you and your employee through the life of the training contract to make sure you are both on the right path.

STEP 1 – Contact Skill360 Apprenticeship Services

Our friendly and professional staff will arrange for a Consultant to visit your premises to officially induct you and your employee into the program and sign the national training contract.

STEP 2 – Select a training provider

You and your employee select a training provider. We can assist with providing a list of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in your area that may be suitable. The RTO will work with you and your employee to develop a training plan.

STEP 3 – Registration of the national training contract

We will register the details of your national training contract with the Queensland State Training Authority who will then send you and your employee written confirmation that the apprenticeship or traineeship has been registered.

STEP 4 – Administering Australian Government incentives

During the apprenticeship or traineeship, we will facilitate payment of your Government incentives. These will be posted to you as claim forms. This happens at different times, depending on what Government incentives you may be eligible for.

STEP 5 – Keeping in touch

At different times throughout the program, we will contact you to see how things are progressing with your apprentice and your business.

STEP 6 – Ready to complete

When you, your employee and the RTO agree that all the requirements of your training plan have been completed, then your apprentice is ready to complete their qualification. All parties then sign the completion agreement/notice of issue of qualification. The RTO will issue your employee with their certificate and send the completion agreement to the Department of Education and Training. This can sometimes be done earlier than expected as most qualifications are competency based.

STEP 7 – Completion

When the apprenticeship or traineeship is completed, the Department of Education and Training will issue a certificate of completion to your employee and will also advise you in writing that the certificate has been issued. Now your employee will have officially received a nationally recognised qualification.

The Australian Government provides a range of financial assistance to employers investing in apprenticeships and traineeships.

Funding is subject to eligibility criteria and other conditions. Our Consultants can advise which incentives are relevant to your business and industry and if you may be eligible.

Download the latest information on available incentives.

There may be more funding sources available for employers outside the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program and our Consultant can give you the most reliable advice for your industry, so you don’t miss out on the support available to train your staff.

Follow these helpful tips to make sure you and your apprentice or trainee get the most out of the experience.

Make sure the employee:

– Understands your expectations and their responsibilities.
– Undertakes occupational health and safety training.
– Has been informed about wages, employment conditions, hours worked, start/finish times, lunch and rest breaks, leave and entitlements.
– Has been introduced, welcomed and toured the workplace.
– Understands their role in relation to your business success.
– Has the necessary equipment to do their job.

Assign a supervisor who will:

– Provide ongoing mentoring, encouragement, support, feedback and supervision.
– Communicate clearly and effectively.
– Work closely with the training provider ensuring all competencies are met.

Provide on-the-job training ensuring:

– Your apprentice or trainee has contributed to their training plan.
– They know how and why each training competency is relevant and important.
– Time is allocated for training sessions.
– There is variety in the training regime.
– You regularly review and evaluate how the training is progressing.

Q: What’s the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship?
A: Usually an apprenticeship is for a trade based industry such as electrical, building and construction, cooking, automotive, hairdressing and engineering. Traineeships cover industries that don’t require a trade certificate like business, retail, hospitality, IT, tourism and much more.

Q: Can a casual or a sub-contractor become an apprentice or trainee?
A: Sub-contractors and casuals are not approved for an apprenticeship or traineeship. Apprentices/trainees are
employees for tax and super purposes. This means that if your business engages a sub-contractor as an apprentice/trainee, you will need to treat them as an employee and meet the required PAYG tax withholding, super and fringe benefits tax obligations.

Q: How long will I have my apprentice or trainee for?
A: A full time apprenticeship can take anywhere from 36 to 48 months and include qualifications from Certificate Level III to Level IV. A full time traineeship generally takes between 12 and 24 months and covers qualifications from Cert Level II to Level IV. The certificates are awarded based on competency which means the quicker your apprentice or trainee learns the skills and knowledge, the quicker they finish. Experience gained via formal and/or informal training, work experience, prior learning
and/or on-the-job skills count towards your certificate.

Q: How do I choose a qualification that suits my business?
A: There are hundreds of apprenticeships and traineeships to chose from. Skill360 can help you find the right information to make the right choice. Go to or If you’re still not sure what the right apprenticeship or traineeship for your business is, you can also visit www.

Q: How much do I pay my apprentice or trainee?
A: It really depends on the course, your industry and your business. There are minimum conditions for employers and employees across Australia. You can view these at or call 13 13 94.

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