Ian turns his life around, thanks to Skilling Queenslanders for Work

Recognising that he had made some bad life choices in the past, Ian had just completed a five-year jail term and was determined to get his life back on track. A promising First Nation’s artist, Ian wanted to focus on his artwork as well as find work and a steady income.

Referred to one of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) programs that Skill360 is contracted to deliver through the Queensland State Government, Ian found the support he needed to achieve his goals and improve his future.

The SQW program that Ian attended was at Beddown, a vital community organisation that supports disadvantaged community members with short-term housing and social connection. The Beddown SQW program aims to get participants work ready, secure them employment and support them to find a better future.

“I wanted to change my life, get a job, and get things back on track,” Ian shared.

Through the program, Ian was equipped with essential workplace skills and was helped to write a compelling resume. In a supportive environment, the program also gave Ian soft skills including positive communication and improving Ian’s overall confidence. Skill360 is a part of The BUSY Group and Ian was also given mentoring support by First Nation’s Mentor at The BUSY Group, Shannon Trindell. Along with the cultural understanding provided through the mentorship, Shannon helped Ian to gain vital work-ready tickets, including his White Card.

Ian was an eager participant and it was not long into the program that he was successful in landing a cleaning position at Multhana, a First Nations-owned commercial cleaning company.

His employer at Multhana, Campbell, is really pleased with Ian’s work performance and stated, “Ian’s work ethic is fantastic, he’s very detail-oriented and thorough!”

An emerging and highly promising artist, beyond his professional growth, Ian continues to express himself through his art and is currently preparing for an upcoming exhibition. He also recently commissioned a painting at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

Looking ahead, Ian is motivated to climb the ladder at Multhana and declared, “My goal is to work my way up and hopefully become a manager.”

For those considering a similar path, Ian’s message is clear: “When you’re ready to change, get involved. Skill360 and BUSY is the best place to start a new life and career. You get out what you put in.”

Kristie Kelly, Skill360 Program Manager for SQW said, “Skilling Queenslanders for Work is a highly successful initiative of the Queensland Government and has already supported thousands of young or disadvantaged community members to gain skills for employment. Working alongside employers, participants are given the opportunity to prove themselves and many are offered employment on completion of the course.

“We’re extremely proud this year to partner with Beddown, a vital community organisation that supports homeless people with short term housing and social connection. Through the program, we can also support these marginalised community members to gain skills for work and get their lives back on track.”

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First Nations man receiving certificate standing next to employer.

Ian (L) with his employer Campbell from Multhana, a First Nations run commercial cleaning company.

One of Ian’s artworks that will be part of his upcoming exhibition.


Skill360 is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO:1607) and a part of The BUSY Group, an Australian community organisation offering employment, education, health and training programs to support individuals with their careers and businesses with their human resourcing needs.

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