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Skill360 Support School Students in Vocational Trades

Skill360, a Registered Training Organisation and a part of The BUSY Group, have been instrumental in supporting school students at BUSY Schools campuses to gain qualifications in Construction, Business Administration and more. Thanks to the support and guidance of staff

Funding for Construction Industry Skills through CSQ

Skill360 is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 1607) with over 30 years experience training for the construction industry. Our trainers are real builders who have decades of experience in the construction industry and they are instrumental in supporting our construction

Pre-Apprenticeship program offering career pathways!

The Queensland State Government has announced a $25 million investment into a Pre-Apprenticeship Support program to help young Queenslanders secure the training they need for the job they want.  The Pre-Apprenticeship Support program offers a paid apprenticeship for the duration

8 Reasons to Refresh Your Skills

Many of us have been in jobs we’ve hated at some point in our careers, jobs where we just feel stuck. Well, we’re here to tell you how stepping outside your comfort zone can help you achieve your long-term goals,

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