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The Queensland Government's Skilling Queenslanders for Work program supports job seekers with real, practical skills in a range of industries. These include construction, hospitality, customer call centre, retail, warehousing and more.

During our Skilling Queenslander for Work program courses, employers can get involved by attending our courses and engaging with our participants. There are opportunities for your business to provide interviews and meet new candidates. After meeting the recruits and finding someone you are interested in, the program can facilitate work trials.

This is an excellent way for you to meet and trial potential candidates for roles in your business!

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Excellent employees are formed through excellent training

The Skilling Queenslanders for Work programs offer job seeker participants with accredited and non-accredited training for industry. In some of our courses, for e.g. our construction courses, participants are commencing a paid traineeship with practical skills they gain while working on job sites with experienced trainers. Once our participants have graduated, we can seamlessly provide your business with a construction trainee that is already familiar with many worksite processes and who is keen to complete their traineeship qualification. 

Our hospitality course graduates are sought after by industry employers as they have been professionally trained at a five-star, inner-city hotel for a variety of roles including concierge, food and beverage attendants, room attendants, laundry and kitchen staff.

As well as construction and hospitality candidates, we also have job seeker candidates that have been prepared for roles in warehousing, contact centre work, retail and business administration.

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  • Employers can select to participate in a wide range of onsite activities to meet candidates, develop relationships and screen performance along the way. 

  • Each Skilling Queenslander for Work program has schedule dates for these activities. Your business will be given time to showcase your jobs to attract candidates. 

  • You can pick and choose from a range of activities such as mock interviews (screening for your real positions), industry site tours to showcase your organisation and attract interest in your jobs or simple meet and greets.

  • With so much employer competition, its about being proactive to source keen and ready candidates for your business.

  • Employers often receive applicants that may be suitable in the future, but do not possess the entry level requirements right now. 

  • If your organisation has candidates who weren’t successful for your roles but who just need a few more skills, you can refer them to our courses for further upskilling.  Simply share this Skilling Queenslanders for Work courses link with them. 

  • We can help employers by upskilling these individuals through our courses to refer back to you once they are job ready.

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