Meet our Skill360 Construction Trainers

Meet our Skill360 Construction Trainers and Mentors!

Everyone knows that when it comes to learning something new, having the right teacher or trainer can make all the difference. The team at Skill360, who deliver skills development through accredited training and apprenticeship management, is well aware of this and are proud to say that their trainers always receive a high rating from students in their construction courses. The reasons to refresh your skills in your industry are clear but we wanted to meet with a few of the trainers themselves and how they were responsible for inspiring the next generation towards career pathways in construction and in the trades.


Noel Slade – Trainer

Noel started his cabinet making apprenticeship nearly 30 years ago and had his own cabinet making business in Cairns for 20 years. His plan was to teach in his later years, something he had always wanted to do however, an opportunity came up earlier than expected.

Noel teaches Cabinet Making, White Card courses and Certificate I in Construction for Skill360. Like Ryan, the opportunity to pass on his knowledge came unexpectedly.

“It was just by chance really, I saw the ad and jumped on it”, Noel stated.

“Watching young apprentices enter the industry is great, it is really rewarding seeing them grow, knowing that I am contributing to passing on the knowledge for the next generation,” he further stated.

Noel Slade (L) is a Trainer at Skill360, supporting job seekers and apprentices with training in Certificate III in Cabinet Making, White Card, Certificate I Construction, and onto career paths in the industry.


Tim Simpson – Carpentry Training Coordinator

Tim began his career in carpentry when he was 16, undertaking an apprenticeship, and has been working in the industry for nearly 40 years.

Having his own business locally for over 25 years and employing many apprentices himself during that time, Tim understands the requirements of industry and is a natural at mentoring young people new to the building industry.

“I have always thought it would be good to be able to train apprentices as a career but never considered myself as a teacher/trainer”, Tim stated.

“I think it is the look in the apprentices eyes when they learn something new and the feeling you get when you realise their learning is because of something you showed them, that keeps you coming back every day”.

Tim is a trainer at Skill360, supporting job seekers and apprentices with training in Certificate III in Carpentry and Certificate I in Construction


Anthony Chan, CEO of Skill360, stated “Our trainers and mentors are one of our best assets at Skill360. We hire people with a lot of experience in the industry so that they can impart their knowledge onto the next generation, leading them into apprenticeships and career paths of their own. It is great to see some of them coming back to us to hire their own apprentices, after starting businesses of their own – that’s what it’s all about, keeping the skills going”.

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