Skill360 Support School Students in Vocational Trades

Skill360, a Registered Training Organisation and a part of The BUSY Group, have been instrumental in supporting school students at BUSY Schools campuses to gain qualifications in Construction, Business Administration and more.

Thanks to the support and guidance of staff at BUSY Schools Salisbury, a group of Year 11 students are building more than just their career pathways, as they work towards completing a Certificate I in Construction, delivered through Skill360.  During the course, over two school terms, the students are learning to build cabinetry for the school kitchen.

Sebastian and Taylor are two students whose attendance were low at their previous schools, but now find themselves more motivated and actually wanting to show up to their classes.

“It’s a really good environment to be in, everyone is super friendly and accepting which is a nice change,” said Taylor.

“The teachers are also more involved in your schoolwork and offer one-on-one support for those students who require further assistance.”

Sebastian recently passed a Mathematics assessment for the first time in a long time which he was really proud of, especially since it is one of his favourite subjects.

“The teachers took the time to sit down and go through the work with me so I could understand it better, rather than just telling me what to do and expecting me to figure it out on my own,” said Sebastian.

“BUSY Schools has helped me out so much since I have been here, especially with this Construction course which will hopefully lead to a career in Carpentry or Plumbing.”

Taylor is also really enjoying the Construction course as she is learning new skills and has become more confident. In addition, to the Certificate I in Construction, Taylor is also completing a Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology as part of her school-based apprenticeship which she attends every Friday.

“I find the hands-on work quite interesting and the best part about this experience is being able to get out into the workforce and learn everything about it,” said Taylor.

Lee Aitken, CEO for BUSY Schools said, “BUSY Schools prepares students for life after school by providing real career support with planning for each individual pathway, relevant vocational education and training courses, work experience and school-based apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities. This not only builds their confidence, but also prepares and gives them a head start with the vocational skills and experience to kick start their careers.

Skill360 deliver a range of construction, business administration and hospitality courses for school students and school leavers. They are conducting pre-apprenticeship courses that offer a 3-month paid training position in either Construction (Cairns) or Tourism & Hospitality (Brisbane) commencing in January 2022.  FIND OUT MORE.

Sebastian (L) and Taylor (R) are two of the students at BUSY Schools Salisbury campus who are undertaking a Certificate I in Construction delivered through Skill360.

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Learn more about Skill360 accredited vocational courses, including pre-apprenticeship courses, and support for school students or school leavers.

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