Skill360 – supporting Business Liaison Association (BLA) for 30 years

From L to R: Jack Finerty, Adam Pringle and Mako Van Trigt from Skill360 accepting the 30 year appreciation award from BLA.


Skill360 and Business Liaison Association (BLA) have had a long history of working together to help North Queensland residents build skills and knowledge needed by local employers, supporting employment and meaningful careers. The 30-year long partnership has involved sponsorship of events and long-term committee membership.

The BLA has forged strong working relationships with all secondary schools in the region and provides secondary students with relevant, up to date knowledge, skills, and resources to meet the current and evolving scope of the business community. Their vision is to educate, connect and improve the lives of the youth in our region.

Dedicated to advancing career opportunities and pathways for secondary school students, the Association is uniquely placed to broker these opportunities for the young people in Far North Qld. Skill360 has also been advancing the career opportunities for young people in North Queensland, through apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities, and delivering qualifications for the construction trades and business administration.

The like-minded organisations have a common mission to encourage skills growth in the North Queensland region, by supporting young people into career pathways.

Recently, Skill360 had the honour of attending BLA’s 30-year gala ball held at Cairns Cruise Ship Terminal and were honoured to receive a 30-year sponsorship Certificate of Appreciation from the BLA.

Adam Pringle, Business Manager for BUSY Skills Registered Training Organisations, including Skill360 and One Stop Training, said, “It was truly inspiring to witness the hard work and dedication that Angela Toppin and the entire BLA team put into making the event a success. It was great to see and support Jack who received the 30-year certificate of appreciation of sponsorship for the BLA in Cairns, on behalf of The BUSY Group. Jack is also a proud committee member and supporter of the BLA association.

“It’s a big milestone that Skill360 has sponsored the BLA for 30 years, and the local community recognise this. We look forward to working together with BLA for another 30 years and more, to support career development for young people, and skills growth for our region!”


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