Workforce Australia Set to Transform Employment Services Delivery

Replacing the current Employment Services model in Australia, from July 1 Workforce Australia is set to transform the way employment services are delivered and will become the new modern, flexible and targeted employment service to better support job seekers and employers.

The new model was informed by extensive collaboration with over 1400 stakeholders and included user-centred design with job seekers, employers and employment service providers.

The BUSY Group is proud to deliver employment support through the Australian Government’s new Workforce Australia program in the following regions.

BUSY At Work will be delivering:

Workforce Australia Services – Generalist Services (in partnership with CoAct):

Gold Coast, Darling Downs, Brisbane South East, Townsville, Wide Bay Sunshine Coast and Fitzroy.

Workforce Australia Self-Employment Assistance Services:

Cairns and Wide Bay Sunshine Coast.

Workforce Australia Transition to Work Services:

Darling Downs, South East Melbourne and Peninsula, Townsville (including Mt Isa) and Wivenhoe

Skill360 (a Registered Training Organisation and part of The BUSY Group) will be delivering:

Workforce Australia – Employability Skills Training:

Brisbane South East, Somerset and Townsville.

BUSY Ability will be delivering:

Workforce Australia Services – Ex-Offender Specialist Services:

Brisbane South East, Gold Coast, Somerset and Wide Bay Sunshine Coast.

Paul Miles, Managing Director for The BUSY Group said, “From July 1, The BUSY Group, in partnership with CoAct, is looking forward to supporting more job seekers and businesses under the new Workforce Australia model and extending our services to make a positive impact in the communities we serve”.

For more information on The BUSY Group, visit

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