CPC40120 - Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Looking at building a career in construction?

Maybe you’ve undertaken the CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry and are looking to further your skills and career development. No matter the stage you’re at in your journey,  Skill360 can help boost your apprenticeship and learning opportunities.

Committed to creating better opportunities through combined hands-on and online experiences, the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction is designed to give young Australians expert knowledge and skills in the field.

A team of qualified industry-specific educators and online tutorials, combined with their long-held industry knowledge, will guide you through crucial learning outcomes that help you become job-ready.

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What You’ll Learn in the Online CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Your first step towards growing your career as a builder, supervisor or site manager begins with an online CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction.

By offering flexible options on-site as well as in the classroom, you have increased opportunities to hone your skills as a builder, a project manager, or a manager of small to medium-sized companies. 

Launch your career with professionals who apply structural principles, codes, standards, and legal requirements to Class 1 and 10, to a maximum of two storeys, and Class 2 to 9 Type C structures. 

Within these work environments, you can plan and supervise safe work practices, prepare and administer contracts, and apply quality principles to a range of projects within the industry.

Course Delivery & Specifications

In this online CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building & Construction course, you’ll learn varied skills by undertaking core and elective units relevant to the industry. The CPC40120 units include learning how to:

  • Plan structural work
  • Apply structural principles and supervise on-site work
  • How to apply workplace codes
  • Meet standards and legal requirements to maintain industry quality. 
  • Minimise waste during projects
    And so much more.

You’ll also gain business skills to prepare you for the required paperwork to ensure business and project success. This includes completing units that equip you with the skills to manage contracts, scheduling, and small business finances. You will also gain your Queensland Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry (KBL) licence.

Trainers and assessors will undertake regular assessments of your skills within the workplace and how you demonstrate your capabilities. Once you have completed all the relevant units through combined exercises and on-the-job experience, you will successfully complete your qualification.

Upon finishing your qualification requirements, the next step is to apply for a Builder – Low Rise licence and set you up to successfully manage a residential building business.

Assessment Methods
Assessment for this area of study is done as a combination of practical and theoretical elements. The theory aspect is part of the online structure of this study with a combination of self-paced exercises and assignment requirements.

The practical aspects are carried out on a building site. Your demonstration of abilities and learned experiences contributes to the completion of your online Certificate IV in Building & Construction.

Course Fees & Funding Availability
Costs to undertake this area of study depend on your eligibility for funding. Some students are eligible for CSQ funding. This funding opportunity commits to contributing up to a maximum of $5,670 towards the total cost of the course. The remaining fee of $330.00 will be payable by the student.

For students required to pay the full fee because they aren’t eligible for any funding, the total cost is $6,000. When broken down, this equates to an enrolment fee of $330.00 followed by a price per unit of $298.42.

Want to Know More?

Do our construction courses sound like the right direction for your career path? Download the course information flyer (PDF) for detailed information and unit specifications.

If you want to speak to someone about any requirements or further information, contact Skill360 at info@skill360.com.au or call 1300 933 358.

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