Chloe begins her career journey – thanks to PaTH!

When her employment provider referred her onto Skill360 who deliver the Australian Government funded PaTH Pilot Program, Chloe Rose was shy and nervous about finding work. Being young Chloe had not worked before and so had a certain amount of anxiety about what employers would expect and how she would fit into a workplace.

The PaTH Pilot Program, which supports young job seekers into internship opportunities with local employers, was a great first step for Chloe as it gave her valuable experience in a workplace while also providing her an extra $200 a fortnight on top of her income support payment. Chloe, who has an interest in animal care and working in customer service, was also grateful to gain an internship with a local dog grooming salon in Cairns, Snippittys.

The internship period (which usually lasts around 4 – 12 weeks, depending on the employer) also gave Jo Anne Aplin, the owner at Snippittys, an insight into how Chloe could potentially fit into the workplace. Chloe must have impressed Jo as she has now been offered a permanent part time role starting in November – and Chloe couldn’t be happier!

“The Skill360 PaTH Pilot Program really encouraged me to pursue my goal of working in retail and customer service – and with animals, which is my passion”, Chloe stated.

Chloe has also gained confidence and has come out of her shell since starting the program, according to her employment consultant.

Paul Daly, CEO of Skill360 said, “The PaTH Pilot Program aims to support young people like Chloe to gain work experience, valuable references and work opportunities. It is also a great way for employers to trial a young worker in their workplace. We are really excited for Chloe and look forward to following her career journey”.

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If your business would like to be involved in the PaTH Pilot Program or if you are a young person looking to gain career opportunities but not sure where to start, contact the team at Skill360 on 1300 933 358 or email for more information.

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