How Long Does it Take to Complete Certificate III in Carpentry?

How Long Does it Take to Complete Certificate III in Carpentry?

Interested in levelling up your career? Whether you’re an experienced tradesperson or are just considering entering the workforce for the first time, CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry can help you gain the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills needed to advance your career. Offering a direct pathway for successful graduates to obtain a Carpentry Contractors licence, you can open up doors to self-employment, leadership, and larger project opportunities through this course.

Interested in learning more about the required curriculum, assessments, and traditional path to completing your certificate with Skill360? Read on.

Why You Should Complete Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360

A nationally recognised qualification, Certificate III in Carpentry is a great pathway into a certified career in carpentry, construction, or as a building professional. Applicable for workers with some on-site experience to new students yet to enter the workforce, Skill360 offers a complete program that includes theory and practical experience so every student can gain the understanding and skills necessary to confidently take on a job.

Below are some of the most common questions we get asked by potential students who are interested in Certificate III in Carpentry:

What Can I Do with Certificate III in Carpentry?

Completing your trades qualification is no small feat. From apprenticeship through to course completion you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce as a qualified carpenter and pursue the following careers:

  • Builder, Construction Worker
  • Roofing, Flooring, Decking
  • Furniture Maker, Cabinet Making

A much-needed skill set with opportunities for employment Australia-wide, Carpenters can choose to specialise and refine their skill set further after some industry experience.

How long will it take to complete Certificate III in Carpentry?

Most apprentices will complete their Certificate III in Carpentry between 42-48 months (upwards of 4-years.) The course is completed through a balance of on-site and off-site training and assessments with the opportunities for as much hands-on work as practicable.

Throughout the program, students work under the guidance of the employer sponsoring their apprenticeship and are regularly visited by trainers and assessors on-site to track the progress of their work.

Can I Gain Credit for Previous Experience?

If you have significant previous industry experience and would like to gain your qualification, you may be able to apply for Recognised Prior Learning credits. These may reduce the number of core and elective units required to be completed in order to fulfil the program requirements. If this sounds applicable to your job experience, please speak directly with the Skill360 team.

The Benefits of Completing Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360

Working with Skill360 to complete your Certificate III in Carpentry means partnering with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who is dedicated to your success. With industry qualified trainers and experienced professionals delivering your courses, you can be supported by both our educators and your on-site employer to receive a truly hands-on, well-rounded education.

Among the top benefits gained from completing Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360, students can expect to:

  • be connected with financial support opportunities to help fund their education, where needed,
  • undergo off-site and on-site training to balance their practical skills with much needed industry legislation, WHS policies, and best practices,
  • receive prior learning recognition for previous industry experience, where applicable,
  • gain a direct pathway to qualifying for an Australian Contractors Licence.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a contractor or are interested in being self-employed, the Contractors Licence will be a crucial part of your qualification and employment. From promotional and leadership opportunities on-site to the certification needed to take-on contractor roles, this nationally recognised licence could set your career up for long-term success.

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