The Top 5 Benefits of Completing Certificate III in Carpentry

The Top 5 Benefits of Completing Certificate III in Carpentry


Interested in expanding your career opportunities? CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry is an excellent course in gaining the practical and theoretical knowledge needed for a successful career in carpentry, building, and construction.

A nationally recognised qualification that can help you successfully apply for a Contractor’s Licence, completing Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360 has innumerable benefits for existing tradespeople and new students alike.

With the opportunity to work across Australia, for large-scale employers, or dive into self-employment and contractor positions, carpentry is an in-demand skill set that can set you up for a long-term career.

Wondering if you should commit the time and resources needed to successfully complete this course? Read on to learn more about the top five benefits gained when students complete their course and what to expect along the way.

What is Certificate III in Carpentry?

A hands-on, practical course that equips students with much-needed experience both on-site and off, Certificate III in Carpentry is a highly popular course for good reason. Applicable to both experienced tradespeople looking to level up their qualifications and new apprentices wanting to enter the workforce, working as a tradesperson in Australia has long-since been a great career move.

With many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offering pathways into qualified trade careers, Skill360 is one of the leading organisations working side-by-side with students throughout their program.

Delivered predominantly on-site under a qualified apprenticeship, Certificate III in Carpentry offers students a means to gain on-site, practical job experience with some off-site study required to learn expectations and industry regulations needed to manage their career.

With qualified professionals and experienced tradespeople delivering our programs, students will receive regular on-site visits from their trainers to conduct assessments, offer support, and track their progress.

From framing to scaffolding, formwork, and footings, Certificate III in Carpentry is the first major-step toward an Australian Contractors Licence for those who want to further their career.

The Top 5 Benefits of Completing Certificate III in Carpentry

From measuring and excavations to framing, floor laying and calculations, Skill360 Certificate III in Carpentry covers all of the units required to confidently and safely work in the construction and building industries.

Most often completed over 42-48 months through a balance of on-site and off-site work and study, students and apprentices receive the support of both their employer and RTO throughout their course.

With financial opportunities available to students interested in applying, some students will be able to access fee support that makes their ongoing study requirements more obtainable.

Beyond funding assistance and practical support, the top five benefits to undertaking a Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360 include:

  • Industry Experience on Completion

Divided into four semesters, Certificate III in Carpentry is traditionally completed over 4 years–with most of the program completed on-site while students gain practical, industry experience, and while earning an apprenticeship wage. While some off-site assessments and study are required, students can gain their qualification and real industry experience while completing their qualification. Read this article to learn more about how long it takes to complete Certificate III.

  • Student Eligibility and Support

Want to get a head-start on your career? With the opportunity to take-on an apprenticeship, early-school leavers can jump start their careers through a practical course and employment. (Please note students must be at least 13 years of age to enrol for Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360.) With some opportunities for financial assistance available to eligible students, it’s easier than ever to apply for and undertake Certificate III in Carpentry so you can become a qualified tradesperson.

  • Learn Practical and Soft Skills

New to the workforce? Certificate III in Carpentry will arm you with the practical and soft skills needed to navigate and enter the industry. From safely using and maintaining power tools to communicating and working as part of a team, teaching you to understand all aspects of your trade is just one of the ways Skill360 can support you.

Covering industry regulations, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), and how to interpret and deliver client contracts, cost estimates, and employment offers, graduates from Certificate III in Carpentry will be well qualified to easily work among experienced professionals on program completion.

  • Learn to Safely Use and Maintain Workplace Tools

One of the most pivotal aspects of learning to work in a trade is not just the practical skill set and understanding how to use your tools–but learning how to use your tools and be safe. Skill360 prioritises student, workplace, and employer safety to ensure that Certificate III in Carpentry graduates know how to create and maintain a safe work environment. Dedicated to building a safer, more sustainable trade industry and workforce population, the program includes core subject areas dedicated to waste management, WHS practice, and interpreting industry regulations that will help keep all students and their colleagues safe.

  • Career Opportunities and Pathways

Not sure where your final career path will take you? If you’re just entering the workforce, you may not know what area of construction, building, or carpentry will interest you the most. Fortunately, Certificate III in Carpentry sets you up for a range of success!

From Cabinet Making to Flooring, Furniture Making and going on to Higher Education pathways, Certificate III in Carpentry is an excellent way to enter the industry with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills before deciding which way you want to go.

By collaborating with tradespeople, foremen, project managers, and educators alike, students can learn more about their trade preferences, advance their skills, and start to plot out a career pathway before finalising their course.

Completing Certificate III in Carpentry with Skill360

Whether you’re planning on a career change or are just about to finish school and want to start considering your options, completing a qualification with Skill360 is a great move.

Dedicated to helping our students achieve professional and personal success, we can work with you to help match you with the right course, find applications for financial aid, and work alongside you through your program.

Want to learn more about the Certificate III in Carpentry curriculum or assessment criteria? Reach out to our friendly student support team today.

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