Jacqui gains a traineeship – thanks to PaTH!

When Jacqui came to Skill360 she was looking to get out of hospitality work and wanting to find an opportunity in administration. Having no prior work experience in administration it was recommended that Jacqui enrol as a participant in the PaTH Industry Pilot program which connects young job seekers to local business owners for internship opportunities.

Funded by the Australian Government the PaTH Industry Pilot program provides job seekers with much needed experience and references along with a supplement of $200 per fortnight on top of the participants income support during the internship period (which usually lasts between four and twelve weeks). For business it is also a great way to trial a young person before potentially hiring.

Battling some restrictive times due to COVID-19, it took persistence and determination but the team at Skill360 soon found Jacqui an internship opportunity in administration with First Aid Cairns, a local registered training organisation delivering a range of courses in first aid.

Even better, First Aid Cairns were so impressed with Jacqui’s positive attitude and willingness to learn that they have now decided to employ her under a traineeship! Jacqui will soon be earning a steady income while completing a Certificate III in Business qualification – a great start to her career in administration.

Paul Daly, CEO of Skill360 said, “When you’re young it is often really hard to get that first open door into employment so the internship opportunities are a fantastic way for job seekers to make connections and gain experience – and with no obligation businesses also get to trial a potential employee. Thanks to the PaTH Industry Pilot program, Jacqui now has a great start in her career”.

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If your business would like to be involved in the PaTH Industry Pilot program or if you are a young person looking to gain career opportunities but not sure where to start, contact the team at Skill360 on 1300 933 358 or email info@skill360.com.au for more information.

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