Do I Need to Have a Working at Heights Certificate?

Do I Need to Have a Working at Heights Certificate?

Want to make sure you’re well prepared for the workforce? A RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights certificate is an essential qualification for any construction workers, building teams, and utilities crews who need to prioritise Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and personal safety when working off the ground.

No matter what height you or your team are working at, falls from heights are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury on worksites in Australia. If you want to make sure you’re well prepared to proactively prevent any potential fall, a Working at Heights course is the best way to learn the skills and knowledge needed or refresh basic workplace practices to keep every crew member safe.

New to the program? If you haven’t yet received your Working at Heights ticket, read on to learn more about this critical course, the topics covered through the Skills360 program, and how you can take steps to better equip your team for a safe workplace today.

  • For comprehensive training in Work Safely at Heights, we highly recommend the RIIWHS204E course offered by One Stop Training. Their practical study approach helps you develop essential skills and knowledge in a realistic environment.

Who Needs a Working at Heights Ticket?

Regardless of your trade, workers across mining, electrical, construction, and building alike should all consider getting a Working at Heights ticket–even if it’s not required for your industry.

Among the industries and occupations that will hugely benefit from training certificates in preventative included as a workplace mandatory practice are:

  • Construction workers and builders
  • Linesman and utility repair crews
  • Flatbed truck drivers–for accessing and unloading off-the-ground cargo
  • Solar panel installation teams
  • Agricultural workers and harvesters, arborists
  • Miners
  • Warehouse teams–most especially teams who rely on heavy-duty equipment to access storage units and materials off the ground

A pivotal course that will help prevent or minimise the injury occurred in workplace falls, Working at Heights Safely is excellent workplace practice no matter your team’s role.

Now offered by Skill360 as a nationally recognised qualification that proves workers have the needed skills and understanding to work safely at heights, our one-day program includes the practice and theoretical knowledge needed to support workplace safety. Whether you’re interested in entering the workforce with the expected certificates or you want to enrol multiple staff members into the course as a practice refresher, Skill360 can work with you.

What Can I Do with a Working at Heights Certificate?

On successful completion of a Working at Heights course, tradespeople and industry professionals will know how to inspect, fit, and safely use height-accessing equipment both alone and with a team. Further still, having your ticket on–hand will ensure you’re ready to show evidence of certification if needed by site inspectors or WHS officers.

To successfully complete the course with Skill360, students will be required to:

  1. Review and understand the legislative requirements surrounding working at heights environments including WHS, Australian Standard AS/NZS1891.4 2009, and relevant Codes of Practice
  2. Understand how to plan to work at heights, assess potential risks and site-based hazards, and consult workplace practices to ensure they’re upheld and maintained.
  3. Learn how to interpret and follow set procedures including equipment inspections, reporting, and manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Review the foundational practices of safely working at heights including secure access, egress, and using appropriate height safety equipment such as fall arrest systems and restraint equipment.
  5. Learn how to inspect and store height safety equipment and report any hazards to prevent future falls.

With innumerable benefits gained from successfully completing the course, we encourage all tradespeople and apprentices to enrol in this one-day program to set themselves up for success.

Complete Your Working at Heights Course with Skill360

Skill360 is an industry leader in trades training, upskilling, and professional development for industry professionals and apprentices alike. Here to help every tradesperson achieve the qualifications needed to safely complete their job or upgrade their skill set, our team is here to support a safe and productive trades industry in Australia.

An accessible one-day program that can arm you with the Working at Heights ticket needed to take on new jobs, you can easily apply and book in for your program with Skill360 online.

Delivered by experienced instructors who cover the needed topics in a fun and engaging way, all learners can learn the do’s and don’ts of working safely on-site while enjoying their day. From solo students to workplace crews who want to receive their certificates together, Skill360 has a place for you.

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