The Top 5 Benefits When Studying Business Administration

The Top 5 Benefits Gained When Studying Business Administration

Interested in fast tracking your career? Completing a Certificate III in Business Administration is one of the best ways to gain the qualification and skills needed to successfully enter the workforce. Balancing theoretical understanding and industry best practice, graduates from Certificate III often complete their course online while gaining real industry experience. Meaning? They’re well prepared, qualified, and have some workplace experience to move straight into an excellent career on graduation.

Interested in enrolling with Skill360 to understand our fully online Certificate III in Business Administration but want more information? Read on to learn more about the top five benefits gained by students who successfully complete the program and how our student support team can help you set up for success today.

  • Learn Excellent Administrative, Task Management, and Organisational Skills

Want to learn the business basics? Certificate III in Business Administration arms students with the foundational skills needed to take-on administrative roles, balance competing tasks, and how to stay organised and effective in the workplace. Learn to work in a solo and team environment through our program so you know you’ll be prepared to take-on whatever your future employer throws your way.

  • Be Workforce Ready

Wondering what types of career opportunities may be available to you on course completion? Among the top entry-level positions gained by our students, there are:

  • Administrator, Admin Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Personal assistant, Executive Assistant
  • Data Entry, Accounts Clerk, Payroll Officer
  • Customer Service Representative

Most workplaces are open to entry-level workers who have the right qualifications, attitude, and willingness to work. With the opportunity to study online while balancing your first industry experience, completing Certificate III in Business means being a stand-out candidate when applying for your first job on course completion.

  • Understand and Learn to Apply WHS Best Practices

Want to remain workplace safe? Certificate III emphasises the importance of understanding and actioning much-needed Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) practices no matter your occupation or industry. Be prepared to manage your own and your colleague’s safety and wellbeing at work by deep diving into the fundamental principles of WHS when completing your Certificate III in Business Administration

  • Prepare for Further Career Advancement

New to the workforce? Whether you’re a first-time student or experienced industry worker, you may not know what area of business you want to specialise in – just yet. Fortunately, Certificate III in Business Administration introduces students to a wide-range of industries and how business skills are applicable no matter the job.

If you have decided career interests and want to pursue that path, 6 of the 13 units required to complete Certificate III in Business Administration are electives that can be selected to align with your vision. Do you have some workplace experience but want to step up your game? Consider what skills and knowledge you will need to get promoted in the workplace–or apply for higher-level careers–and tailor your course to meet those needs.

  • Complete a Nationally Recognised Qualification

Planning to move cross country? Whether you’re moving interstate or simply want the opportunity to accept career opportunities no matter where they arise, Skill360 Certificate III in Business Administration is a nationally recognised qualification that will set you up for workforce success Australia-wide. With the opportunity to study and work at the same time, graduates from the program can apply for new career opportunities regardless of their location with the skills and experience needed to back up their application–a great head start into the workforce no matter where you go.

Working with Skill360 to Complete Certificate III in Business Administration

Completing Certificate III in Business Administration means setting yourself up for professional success. By adopting the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to enter the workforce, graduates can balance their study commitments with industry experience to be well prepared for career promotion or entry on course completion.

Interested in discussing the application process and what is expected of current students undertaking Certificate III in Business Administration? Reach out to the Skill360 team today. Dedicated to supporting all workers at every career stage and taking steps toward their personal goals, our team can help you match with the right program and support your studies every step of the way.

Speak with one of our Student Support representatives today to learn more about the Certificate III in Business Administration curriculum and how you can find out if you’re eligible for financial aid.

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