What Will I Learn through a Certificate in Business?

What Will I Learn through a Certificate in Business?

Considering enrolling in a Certificate III in Business? Skill360 could be just the Registered Training Organisation for you. Dedicated to supporting our students to level up their industry-specific skill set, we can help you fast track into the workforce or get ready for the next level in your career.

If you’re new to business programs, you might be wondering what Certificate III in Business Administration entails, the required and elective subjects, and what requirements are expected from students to successfully complete the course. To summarise all of these questions, we’ve highlighted the ins and outs of Certificate III in Business below to give potential students a greater understanding of the program before they enrol.

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The Foundations of Certificate III in Business Administration

Balancing practical skills with industry knowledge is the name of the game for Certificate III in Business Administration. Allowing students to complete their program 100% online if they wish students can undertake paid work opportunities while they study to gain real industry experience alongside their formal qualifications. Covering all aspects of the business work environment from task management and organisational tools to effective communication and basic account reconciliation, successful graduates from Certificate III in Business Administration are well prepared to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce or apply for promotional opportunities in their career.

Among the core and elective units offered through Skill360 Certificate III in Business Administration, some of the most popular subjects focus on accounting, financial management, human resource management, marketing, administration, and team management. Completed over the course of 12-months online, students complete six required subjects and choose seven elective subjects that vary in their delivery, assessment criteria, and examination process.

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What is the Course Curriculum like?

If the online study option seems like a good option for you, you might be wondering what subjects will be required during your one-year term. Regardless of their career interests, all students will be required to complete six core subjects before tailoring their study focus on areas of interest for their remaining seven topics in three areas of specialisation.

Including in the core subject list there is:

  • Applying critical thinking in a team environment
  • How to support your personal wellbeing in the workplace
  • Learning to participate in sustainable work practices
  • How to use inclusive work practices
  • Learning to assist and maintain workplace safety
  • How to engage in workplace communication

With the opportunity to specialise in the following focus areas:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Business Administration
  • Records and Information Management
  • No Specialisation.

Students who are not ready to decide on a core focus can opt to complete their certificate with No Specialisation and still graduate successfully.

Once the core focus area has been decided on, some of the electives available to help tailor student’s curriculum include:

  • How to design and produce business documents and spreadsheets
  • How to maintain and control business records
  • How to purchase goods and services
  • How to organise schedules
  • How to assist with customer difficulties

Culminating in one nationality recognised qualification that can equip graduates to work across industries in business support roles Australia-wide, Certificate III in Business Administration is an excellent entry-level pathway to career success.

What You Can Do and Achieve with a Certificate III in Business Administration

Whether you’re an experienced worker or want to gain the needed skills to enter the workforce for the very first time, Certificate III in Business can give you the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to pursue fantastic professional and educational opportunities.

Among the most commonly earned jobs by graduates of the Skill360 Certificate III in Business Administration there are:

  • Receptionist, Office Administration
  • Secretary
  • Payroll Officer, Account Clerk
  • Customer Support Representative

Which means that you could earn gainful employment shortly after graduation!

Considering studying in your field while working? Completing Certificate III in Business Administration may equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to apply for promotional opportunities and supervisory roles. If you’re interested in advancing your career and moving along the ladder, this qualified course may be for you.

Among the opportunities that may be available on course completion include:

  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Support Team Leader

For those who want to dive into business for the first time before exploring their further education opportunities, Certificate III in Business Administration can give you the theoretical foundation and hands-on skills needed to better understand the business landscape and narrow your field of interest.

After successful program completion, some students may decide to apply for further opportunities include:

  1. Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce (Undergraduate-level)

There are even further opportunities for higher education programs available after each subsequent course is finished. By allowing students to explore the different areas of business available before committing to a longer-term, more expensive program or degree, Certificate III in Business Administration is a great way to test the waters and get to know your interests.

For more information about the top benefits achieved by undertaking Certificate III in Business, check out this article here.

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Skill360 is committed to helping professionals and students find their interests and succeed in their careers. From nationally recognised trades programs to courses in business administration and First Aid short courses alike, our RTO equips students with the practical skills needed to enter and flourish in the workplace.

If you’re interested in Certificate III in Business Administration and want to know more about the course curriculum, application requirements, or what financial aid may be available to you, contact our friendly Student Support team today.

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