What Opportunities Exist After Completing a Business Administration Course?

What Opportunities Exist After Completing a Business Administration Course?

Interested in pursuing a new career? From Office Management to Executive Assistant work and more, completing BSB30120 Certificate III in Business means being well prepared for a long, lucrative career.

Offering students an excellent pathway into the workforce, Certificate III in Business Administration is a foundational-level qualification that equips students with the knowledge and hard skills needed to work across most industries in clerical and administrative roles. With the opportunity to be undertaken and 100% completed in less than 12-months online, students can balance their current workload with this fantastic upskilling opportunity to take the next step in their careers.

Read on to learn more about the career opportunities and roles available to most students on their course completion and what types of outcomes you can expect to achieve.

The Five Most Common Career Outcomes

With no course prerequisites and the opportunity to be completed online, both existing workers and students interested in entering the workforce and level up their skill set, will gain theoretical knowledge and industry experience in less than one year. A practical program that requires every student to complete 6 core units and 7 electives aligned with their career interests, students who graduate from Certificate III in Business Administration with Skill360 are well prepared to succeed.

Among the most common industries and occupations first undertaken by our Certificate III in Business Administration graduates there is:

  • Reception Work

Receptionists meet and greet visitors, organise front-of-house desk duties, manage incoming and outgoing calls, manage emails and customer requests, and are responsible for the deliveries, mail, and meeting rooms. With Certificate III in Business Administration placing a strong focus on developing great interpersonal communication and time management skills, our graduates are well prepared to work in a professional environment and easily manage their workload.

  • Administration Officer

Supporting all administrative tasks in a workplace, Administration Officers are often responsible for the general upkeep, organisation, and maintenance of the office. Overseeing printing, stationary, and other office supply needs, stockroom orders and inventory management, and organising and updating databases or filing systems, Certificate III in Business prepares students for Administration Officer roles with a focus on knowledge management coordination and best workplace practices.

  • Office or Accounts Clerk

Responsible for formal business correspondence, account reconciliation, and documentation, Clerks may oversee the development and delivery of letters, tender documents, reports, and memos or may assist accounts teams with debtors, basic bookkeeping, and filing. Prioritising foundational business software and the practical application of database management, account reconciliation, and document creation, Certificate III in Business equips every student with the skills needed to manage an Accounts or Clerical role.

  • Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives are often responsible for directly managing one-to-one client communications, complaints, support requests, and more. Through phone, interactive website chat bots, help desk tickets, and more, Customer Service Representatives negotiate with clients to understand their request, problem, or concern and then provide practical solutions or advice. The Skill360 Certificate III in Business covers the basics of managing and using a workplace Customer Relations Management (CRM) and how to effectively work with and alongside clients and a team.

  • Secretary, Executive Assistant

Secretaries and Executive Assistants (EAs)are responsible for supporting senior-level executives in the workplace who need additional aid with administration, organisational, and basic financial tasks. From travel coordination and diary management to note transcription and document delivery, Secretaries and EAs help keep executive members organised and focused. Certificate III in Business teaches students industry best practice organisational skills, document development and production, and how to effectively manage competing tasks–meaning graduates are well prepared to support their senior-level team.

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Complete Your Certificate III in Business Administration Online with Skill360

Whether you’re gaining industry experience while working toward your qualification or want to pursue higher education opportunities on completion, Certificate III in Business Administration delivers an excellent foundation for both workers and students alike.

Focusing on real-work skills and the practical applications needed to successfully enter the workforce, every student can tailor their program through elective units that align with their career interests.

Want to discuss the enrolment process and expected workload and curriculum? Connect with one of our Skill360 representatives today. Well versed in supporting our community to find and match with the program that best meets their career aspirations, we can walk you through the application process and support your studying journey every step of the way.

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